Minimalism | Decluttering Your Digital Space

Every now and then, it's nice to clean up your social media and electronic devices, such as cell phones and laptops/desktops. Simplifying your digital space is another way to overall create a minimalist lifestyle. People often forget about this because typically you think of objects in cupboards or closets, but alas, digital space simplifying is vital if you want to lead a more simple life. I've created a check list for both social media and your electronic devices. The social media half of this post is going to be more based towards professional accounts used for blog and business promoting but they can be relevant for anyone. Let the virtual decluttering begin!

Cell Phone
This is a place I often times find myself decluterring on a weekly basis. Photos, texts, voicemails, videos, apps. Everything, all of it. I take so many photos throughout the week and I often times fill up the space on my phone just from photos. Delete anything you don't actually love or that you have already uploaded. I also like to go through my contacts from time to time and delete any that I no longer need and the same goes for voicemails. If you find yourself as someone who is constantly distracted by your phone for various reasons, silence your alerts. Luckily you can go into each social media app and turn off notifications (I do this!). Create folders for apps. I have a folder for social media, misc apps (such as those annoying, useless, and permanent apps), and photo-editing apps. This helps to keep everything sorted out and cleaned up.  

If you upload a lot of photos frequently, go through and delete the ones that have been already uploaded to social media or wherever you store them. Excessive photos can take up a lot of space on your computer over time. Also, keep your desktop organized! There is nothing worse, to me, than opening your laptop and seeing a mess of documents and folders and photos scattered all across your desktop screen. Keep things sorted and organized - you'll feel so much lighter and clearer. 

Social Media
I think it's good to keep your social feeds cleaned up so you're not scrolling through junk you don't care about. Delete anyone you don't actually know/don't care to keep up with. Go through your photos and make sure you don't have anything posted you don't want the public seeing. As we grow older, we sort of change our perspective on what is actually appropriate for the internet - so it's aways good to check up on that from time to time and make sure all is good. 

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