Minimalism | Decluttering Your Digital Space

Every now and then, it's nice to clean up your social media and electronic devices, such as cell phones and laptops/desktops. Simplifying your digital space is another way to overall create a minimalist lifestyle. People often forget about this because typically you think of objects in cupboards or closets, but alas, digital space simplifying is vital if you want to lead a more simple life. I've created a check list for both social media and your electronic devices. The social media half of this post is going to be more based towards professional accounts used for blog and business promoting but they can be relevant for anyone. Let the virtual decluttering begin!

+ Cell Phone
- Purge old photos on your camera roll. I have to do this at least once a week because I take so many photos that it fills up fast. While you're at it, if you have an iPhone, empty your photo trash as well. 
- Delete old contacts, unused apps, and old notes. People you haven't talked to in ages and probably will never converse with again? Delete. As far as apps go, sometimes you'll download something and only use it once and then it just sits on your phone, wasting space. Delete! If you use the Notes application and you have old unneeded notes stored, delete those as well - they are only taking up space. 
- Clean out inbox frequently. I like to keep only current text conversations in my inbox because I'm afraid I'll accidentally reply to the wrong person. 
- Silence your alerts. Unless you absolutely need to know about messages for work purposes, turn those alerts off. I also like to turn off alerts for social media. There's a way in the settings of your phone to turn off those little red notifications every time something happens. This way, you can be in the present moment without worrying about whats happening in the digital world. 
- Create folders for apps. I have a folder for social media, misc apps (such as those annoying, useless, and permanent apps), and photo-editing apps. This helps to keep everything sorted out and cleaned up.  

+ Computer
- Delete emails frequently. Especially if you get emails from stores constantly - which, by the way, you can unsubscribe to and I highly recommend it if you are constantly deleting and not even reading (which I did). 
- Keep desktop cleaned up and empty trash often. This is something I forget to do often because it sits in the bottom corner and I don't even think about it. 

+ Social Media
- If you are converting to a more branded account, delete any personal photos. 
- Pick a theme and stick with it. Choose an editing style and base your photos around that. 
- Check DM folder quite frequently as it is easy to miss the message requests. 
- If your feed is looking messy, delete photos disrupting the style you're aiming towards. 
- Go through your "following" list and clean it up if you're following people you no longer want to. 
- Unlike old pages you "liked" in middle school because they were "relatable" ...still don't know why this was a thing?
- Clean out your friends list from time to time. 
- Unfollow people that you want to remain friends with, but do not wish to see their content daily. 
- Delete any old embarrassing photos you have posted, or "private them" so only you can see them.
- Check privacy settings from time to time to ensure nothing changes. 
- Make sure all website links on your page are still valid. 
- Be sure you bio is updated.

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