How To Make Your Space Feel Like Home

It's that time of year again where young adults are packing up and lugging belongings off to college, moving away for new jobs, or just moving into a new houses with friends. This means your new place will be blank canvas to put your creative mark on, and while it can be a wonderful newfound feeling of freedom, it can also be a little overwhelming. Where to start? What to pick?  Blank walls are promising but can be intimidating at first, especially if you're a college student on a budget. Anytime someone moves into a new place/dorm, or should I say, anytime someone moves out on their own for the first time, there's a little struggle in trying to figure out personal décor style. Over time, things start to gradually collect and fall in place but until then, here are some quick tips for making your new place feel like home.

+ Add plants
If you live in the city or in a college dorm that isn't exactly surrounded by green, adding flowers and other green lively plants to your space can make all the difference. If you're worried you aren't going to be able to keep them alive, opt for succulents - still requires care, but a little easier to take care of. I don't know what it is exactly, but something about having plants in your home gives off a clean, open, lively, and inspiring atmosphere. There's a great feeling when you water and leave them sitting on the window sill. Just think about it - little pots breathing in sunlight and air. Fake plants work too, but honestly, real plants are going to make you feel better.

+ Keep things tidy
Make your bed. Dust weekly. Keep the floors swept or the carpet vacuumed. Don't leave your shoes scattered by the front door. Try to unpack quick and put all boxes that you want to keep in a separate room. Don't leave expired food in the fridge. In a perfect world, the previous tenants or landlord would leave the place looking all shiny and sparkly for you, but alas, this is no perfect world so get it up to par, yourself!

+ Add music
You may not have much for entertainment yet, but you can still listen to your favorite songs. Listen to your favorites and set the tone for your new place. Listen to music while you're unpacking or cleaning. Having music playing constantly will keep you feeling inspired and will enhance whatever mood you want your space to have!

+ Put your favorites on display
Whether you have a clothing rack, or a shelf for your vintage camera collection, get it out and on display. It's a very inspiring thing when you can visibly see the things in your space that make you tick. Overall, the environment will feel more you if you display whatever it is that you love rather than shoving it in closet or drawer. My bedroom has a lot of my favorite  in it and I love just laying on my bed and admiring everything; it fills me with a sense of who I am what I truly admire.

+ Add art and inspo
Lastly, I highly recommend adding artwork and photos to your place to make it feel more homey. For art, I like to hit up vintage and antique shops where everything is one-of-a-kind and fairly priced. Maybe you want to cut out quotes from magazines or Tumblr. Whatever it is that will spark inspiration and motivation for you, hang it up.

Keep in mind that this is going to be a slow process as things cost money and in the real world, money isn't grown on trees, and rent and other bills come first. However, with time you can slowly start to add special pieces to your home. When you're first starting out and you don't really have much - all I can tell you is don't buy things just to fill up the empty space. Buy things that truly spark joy and you know you will keep and love for a long time. Feel inspired! It's a blank new page in your wonderful book of life experiences and it's you whose writing it and living it.

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