Easy Ways To Save Money

Whether you're wanting to go on a trip, splurge on something big you've been wishing for the longest time, or you simply want to create an emergency fund for the future, there are always great ways for saving money. Sometimes we have the intention of saving, but it doesn't really all go according to plan. I've created a list  for you of a few tips to help speed up the process! 

Set a goal and tell people.
Set a specific goal of how much you'd like to save up and when you want to start rather than just simply saying, "I really need to start saving money..." If you don't start setting specifics for yourself, it will most likely not happen. Once you you have a goal in mind, tell people about it. That way, they can help to keep you accountable. For instance, let's say you tell your best friend you're wanting to save up ten thousand dollars so you can make a downpayment and purchase your dream car, and a week later, you ask that person if they want to go shopping. They'll probably remind you that you're trying to save up for a car and that maybe you shouldn't be going shopping, to which you'll say, "OH! Heh. That's right. Thanks. I'm glad I have you to hold me accountable." Ha ha ha ha.... Ok, maybe not a GREAT example, but you get the gist. 

Set up an auto saving account
This was by far the quickest way I was able to start saving money. I set up an auto monthly transfer so that money would be automatically transferred from checking into my savings - and I never touch my savings account. It doesn't matter if you're only putting away $20 a month or $200, at least you're saving SOMETHING. If it's the day before payday and you did a really good job with saving even extra, manually transfer more money into your savings if your bank has online banking. If you weren't able to save anything that entire month because of other expenses, try and save extra the following month to catch back up. 

Wait to buy
If you're planning to buy something, sit on it for a little while (not literally). Wait it out. See if you actually need it. Sometimes we buy things out of impulse and then later regret it. Instead what you could do if keep a wish-list of things you've REALLY want and wait a good while until you've saved up.

Organize what you have
Know what you have. Whether it be in your closet, your cabinets, or in storage; know what you have so you don't purchase something you already own. For instance, let's say you need to a plain white shirt and you're unaware you already have one because your clothes aren't organized, SO you go out and buy one only to to realize a few weeks later that you wasted your money because you had one all along. See what I'm sayin'?

Sell your extra stuff
This is a great way to make money. Go through your stuff and sell whatever you don't use or need. Get rid of clothes you no longer wear or maybe grew out of, decor you no longer enjoy, or random miscellaneous items you have no use for. Once you make money from selling those items, immediately put it into savings so you aren't tempted to spend it. Don't completely rely on this though, as you will eventually run out of the things you don't use/need. 

Buy only what you need
Don't be fooled by sales to buy more stuff. If you run to Target to pick up birthday gift for your friend's child,  don't let anything catch your eye on the way to that aisle. It also helps to create a list and stick to that list. For grocery shopping, lists work PERFECT and I don't recommend going on an empty stomach. 

Track your spending
This one takes a little bit of extra effort as you don't want to forget anything but for one month, write down every time you spent money. What the purchase was for and how much it was. After the month is up, see where you spent the most and try to eliminate it the following month. If you stopped at Starbucks quite a bit, try to limit yourself for there on out and keep track of it.

Cut bill prices
Try to use less electricity by turning lights off when not not being used, don't leave T.V. on just for background noise, etc. Don't keep the air conditioned cranked up all the time when you can just open a window. Be frugal. This wouldn't really be a bill, but drive around less. Make less trips and carpool if you can as this will save on gasoline for your vehicle. 

Keep a change jar
Put all of your extra pocket change in a jar and don't use any of it. Let it fill up over time and then take it either to the bank to have counted up and put into savings. Change adds up fast so you'd be amazed at how much there is once you count it up. 

Aside from the listed tips above, if I could say anything else about saving money it would be keep a close eye on your accounts. Don't be that person that never looks in their account because either they're afraid to or they just assumes that have money. Take control. No one is going to make you save up, it's up to you to do it. Of course there are hundreds of other ways to save up and I encourage you to look them up and take it upon yourselves to find the methods that work best for you. 

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