A Walk Into The Villa Louis

Today I was lucky enough to attend a private tour of the Villa Louis. If you know me, you know that I'm obsessed with the home - ok, obsessed might be a little bit of an exaggeration but it's close. It probably has something to do with the history, interior and exterior design of the home, and the time period from which it was built. History is so intriguing to me and I find the Victorian time period fascinating. I was able to capture a few photos inside the mansion as well as hear the REAL story of how young Nina Dousman died. I'm not really going to explain and describe each photo and unfortunately due to the dim lighting inside the house, the photos aren't of the best quality - but it's so beautiful inside, a photo could never give it the proper justice anyway.

View from the East side entrance 

View from West side entrance 


WARNING: This is kind of a gruesome story.
Unfortunately the ghost stories of Nina Dousman running to the artisan well or the river with her head on fire are myths. That she was curling her hair and the iron was so hot it started her hair on fire and that on the anniversary of her death, you can still see her ghost running to the well with her head on fire. The REAL story goes a little something like this.. 
On August 4th, 1894, Nina went upstairs to get ready for a carriage ride and wanted to curl her hair. She placed her iron in an alcohol lamp to heat and promptly realized the lamp was running out of fuel. She tried to pour alcohol into the lamp to heat it without putting out the flame and the jug exploded. From it, she became deaf and blind instantly, and from the scare and frighten of it happening, she had gasped and had taken a deep breath in and basically burned her lungs, mouth, face, and the back of her throat. Basically her whole front side was burned. An intense fire had started on the dresser (shown above), the floor, and on Nina herself. Mrs. Dousman, her mother, (also named Nina) smothered out the fire with a quilt. Much of her body became gangrene and she only lived for six more weeks until she died at the age of 14 in her bedroom on one of the beds shown above on September 14th. According to the tour guide, her younger sister wrote in a journal that Nina's last words were something along the lines of "I'm going to live in purgatory for the rest of eternity." 

I love history and ghost stories so I ate this right up. Fortunately, but also (in my case) unfortunately, there really are no true ghost stories in the house. Nina did not run to the water outside, so stories of people seeing her ghost doing that are, quite frankly, false. Instead, it seems that she's at peace.

I understand that this is a REAL thing that happened to a REAL person and affected a REAL family horribly, and I am posting this RESPECTFULLY. It's heartbreaking and it's such an unfortunate thing to have happened.

Photo of young Nina Dousman

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