Feng Shui & Inviting Great Energy Into Your Home

Feng Shui is an ancient art and science that was developed over 3,000 years ago in China. It's an art of placement, color, and material, and is used to facilitate the flow of energy in the home, office, etc. It gives off a sense of fulfillment and peace. It's focus is all about energy and to harness the energy around us in the best possible way to ensure a positive outcome and, like I said before, peace and fulfillment. Energy is a constant force in the universe, and it surrounds us in every single thing we interact with. Since I've been doing posts on minimalism here and there, I thought I'd throw in some Feng Shui tips as well since they go hand-in-hand together. I know some of this might sound a little silly to some of you new folk, but just hear me out, and do some research of your own afterwards if you're still a little unsure but curious.

1. Make your bed. Every single morning.
Transforming chaos into order. Setting the right tone for the rest of the day. Your bed is a piece of furniture that has the most intimate connection to your personal energy.

2. Appreciate the true abundance in your space.
When we notice, appreciate, and articulate what is good in our lives, it creates a trail for more abundance to find us. Understand what you have and appreciate it. Be content and satisfied with what you have; it will give you a feeling of joy.

3. Move 30 things.
Sometimes when things sit in our house, unmoved and unchanged for months at a time, the energy starts to sag. Moving décor and furniture in your space is a great way to get the energy circulating again. Whenever you rearrange your home, do you ever just feel a shift or change in the atmosphere? Well, obviously because it looks different - but also because the energy has shifted.

4. Replace and recycle.
Replace whatever is broken in your home and recycle things that serve no purpose to you anymore. Give them a second life by taking them to the thrift store. Declutter your home and you will feel a sense of freedom and clarity. Let your home breathe. You will feel lighter. 

5. Include Mother Nature.
Open the windows, let some natural light in. This also allows cross ventilation, allowing your house to warm and cool itself naturally. Bring thriving plants into your home. Plants remove indoor toxins and purify the air that we breathe naturally - I can really agree to this because I didn't have any house plants until recently, and I can already notice a big difference in the atmosphere. Also, turn the television off and listen to the birdsong outside or falling rain.

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