DIY: Make Your Own Flower Crown pt. I

Whether you're attending a music festival, a wedding, or just want to celebrate spring and summer (although you can make them for every season), flower crowns seem to be a popular accessory these days and I'm pretty happy about it. I've never really cared to actually buy one, but rather instead gravitated towards the thought of actually making one. The flower crown in this post is made with faux flowers due to low selection (and mighty prices) of real flowers sold in the stores near me.

What you need:
Floral wire 
Floral tape
Floral wire cutter

Choose your greens and flowers. Real or faux will work just fine. The only difference primarily is that the real flowers will only last about a day or two, so it's a good idea to make it on the day you plan to wear it, however, faux flowers will allow you to get more use and time out of it. You can use as many different flowers and greens as you want, I just decided to keep it real simple this time. I purchased everything at Michaels & Crafts for under $30

Step 1. 
Take a piece of floral wire and form it into a circular shape. Place it atop of your head to see how long the wire should be to sit loosely and adjust accordingly. Either cut off excess wire or wind it around like shown in the photo above. Use the floral tape and wrap it around where you twisted the wire. This will help to secure it. 

Step 2. 
You'll want to start off with a layer of greenery to cover the wire, which will act as a base for the crown. Tape the greenery down to the wire with the floral tape. It's easier if you use longer branches. 

Step 3.
Once you're greenery is taped down, it's time to add the flowers. To attach each flower, make sure the stems are at least 2-3 inches long, and using floral tape, tape the stem to the crown. Be sure to wrap the tape around the stem at least five times to make sure it stays. Be sure the flowers are facing outwards, ALWAYS. You can pile on flowers equally all around the crown or just focus on the front. As I said before, you can add as many different flowers as you want (the more, the better). Try to attach the flowers underneath the greenery leaves to keep the tape hidden..

...and VIOLÀ. Your flower crown is complete. 

I plan to make a "part II" for this as there are many different ways to make flower crowns. As much as I like this method, I feel that there are ways to make it more sturdy and durable. As much as the floral tape did work, it also didn't work the best and I'm sure there are better alternatives. This time it was sort of a trial and error, and with a little luck, the flower crown did turn out pretty good I guess.  With the next DIY: Floral Crown post, I plan to use real flowers and see how the difference is in making them.

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