Raindrops on Roses & Whiskers on Kittens.

This morning I woke up around eight o' clock and grabbed the book from my bedside table, Me Before You by JoJo Moyes. I love those mornings. It's nice to wake up with nothing going on; the freedom to just lay in bed as long as you please. I started the book about two weeks ago, and while typically I would normally have finished reading a book in that time, things have been distracting me the past two weeks from reading so I really wanted to do some *catch up* reading. But of course, my mind started wandering eventually and I had to get up for the day. Saturdays for me always seem to be my most productive of days. Usually my weekend mornings start off with either going for a run or cleaning the house. Running in the morning is my favorite. However, this morning I decided to clean. I love cleaning. I think I was handed down that part from my Grandma Einck as we've both agreed that cleaning is therapeutic and stress-releasing. I started off with reorganizing and wiping down my kitchen cupboards and ended the morning with sorting through my recyclables. It was the kind of morning where it had been raining all night but by sunrise  had stopped leaving everything covered in water droplets. With the clouds covering the sky into the late morning, I felt like it was the perfect opportunity to go downtown later and take photos. To me, overcast days are the best days to take photos because you don't have the harsh shadows from the bright sun.

Stacey and I drove twenty minutes into downtown to park on one of the wooded street in the Oregon Historical District and photograph anything beautiful we saw. I'm pretty sure places like that, enriched in history, beauty, and character, give me life. Rows of really old, brick homes up and down the cobblestone streets. I plan to share the rest of my photos from that walk in another blog post, but for now I've picked these few. 

We parked the car next to Newcom Founder's Park where there were some roses planted along the street. Since it had just been raining I figured there would be water droplets on the petals and sure enough I was right. As I began taking a few pictures of the roses, this little friend came up to us. It was kind of funny because yesterday I had the song Favorite Things from The Sound Of Music stuck in my head and it was just one of those moments where you kind of think back and laugh inside. 

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