How to Enjoy Life

Life is too short not to enjoy which is why I've created a little list on how to enjoy it. I love making lists and I love spreading positivity, so why not? Some people need little friendly reminders once in awhile. 

1. Think happy thoughts.

2. Eat delicious food that is good for you.

3. Decide to love your imperfections.

4. Read more books.

5. Delight in other people's happiness.

6. Listen to your favorite music often.

7. Cultivate friendships that make you a more compelling person.

8. Keep a journal and write in it frequently. 

9. Don't compare yourself to others. Social comparison is a fast killjoy. 

10. Make your bed every morning.

11. Eliminate anything negative from your life.

12. Tend to a plant or pet.

13. Be kind of to everyone.

14. Look in the mirror and smile. It's important to see yourself smile.

15. Be authentic to yourself.

16. Create more. Consume less.

17. Remember that you are human and you make mistakes and it's OK.

18. Give compliments constantly (but only ones you actually mean).

19. Wake up early and go for long morning walks.

20. Find something expressive that makes you happy and do it everyday. Paint, write, woodwork, making music, designing, photos, whatever.

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