DIY: Macrame Floating Shelf

I've been feeling extra crafty lately and wanted to share a special DIY project with you! A macramé floating shelf. Basically a piece of wood that hangs from the ceiling, very similar to the macramé plant hanger.  So interesting and unique, yet so simple to make. You can buy macramé shelves on Etsy for around $40-$50, sometimes even more. However, I bought all the essential (wood slab, string, ceiling hook) supplies at Michael's Craft Store for under $15. 

What you need:
Wood slice
Ceiling hook

The wood slice can be anything you want - it's your own project so make it however you like! I've used a tree slice before because I liked the way it looked, but just a plain ol' slab of wood works perfect too. In this tutorial, I used a regular piece of wood and I painted it for a different look. If you plan to paint your shelf, I recommend doing this first so you can allow it time to dry while you're creating the macrame hanger. As for the yarn, the choice of color is completely up to you, and it can be as thin or as thick as your prefer. I chose an off-white because I felt it would look nicest with the brown paint. 

First off, if you plan to paint your wood, do that now and set aside to dry once you are finished. Next measure our twelve pieces of string to be about ten yards long. This length will give you a longer macrame hanger, but if you prefer a shorter one, do about five yards. Once you have all twelve pieces measured, cut, and laid out next to each other , find the middle and tie a knot. Then, section out the string into four parts. Essentially, you'll have four groups of string and six pieces of string to each group. Once that is complete, braid or twist each section separately. If you are braiding, it will be a little tricky because while you are braiding, the remaining string tangles really easily. It works best if you have someone hold the split parts and pull tight while you braid. If you don't have someone to hold it for you, a heavy weight works great as well. 

Locate the center knot you created in the very beginning and go a few inches down to tie another knot. This is where you'll hang your floating shelf.

Lastly, slide all the way down to the bottom and tie another knot. Here is where your shelf will sit. Next, grab your shelf and slide it between the pieces of yarn, resting on the bottom knot. Your macrame shelf is now complete! Hang it from your ceiling hook and enjoy your finished work of art. A few key important things to remember are A. don't set anything too heavy on your shelf, and B. depending on how you have your shelf resting on the yarn, it could tip easily. Be sure to balance everything out evenly do you don't have this issue.

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