Chemex Review

Last month we decided to change our coffee ways up a bit. We replaced our Mr Coffee machine with the manual coffee-maker, Chemex. I love this little thing so much. Simplicity at it's best and it brews amazing coffee. We bought ours from our favorite local coffeehouse, Ghostlight, and the barista showed us exactly how to use it. It's a simple procedure that consists of boiling up some water in a kettle and pouring over coffee grounds. One of the key factors that makes the Chemex so great is the proprietary filter paper. The extra thick filter is strong enough to be removed from the brewer without disintegrating and falling apart, leaving you with coffee grounds all over. This filter also traps sediment that other filters miss. That's one thing I really like to compare to the French press. When you make coffee with a French press, your coffee will be full of sediment causing the coffee to taste more bitter. I like to say that the Chemex brews a "clean coffee".  

Step 1. Start off by boiling some water. Once your kettle has finished boiling, let is sit for awhile to cool down to around 200˚ F. 

Step 2. Place filter into the top section of the brewer and wet it. Be sure that the thicker, 3-layered side of the filter faces the spout. Pour some water over the filter slowly to wet it. Pour out the water collected in the vessel, and the filter should stick in place. 

Step 3. Put in coffee grounds and wet them. You'll want to wet them because it opens the coffee particles, letting more of the oil break away into the hot water. How do to that? Pour water over the coffee grounds until they're just about to start floating and let sit for a few moments. Basically you're soaking the coffee grounds for a bit.

Step 4. Pour the water in. Try to evenly pour rather than just from one side. Let the brewer fill accordingly to how much coffee is in the filter. 

Step 5. Remove the and dispose the filter. Both filter and grounds can be composted!

I would definitely recommend this brewer to anyone. Although it's a little pricey, I think it's worth it. I mean, you get what you pay for, right? 

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