Around The House pt. I

Typically, I go for more of a whitewashed place to sleep, but lately, I've been leaning more towards color. I have white comforter that I love dearly, but with summer here, I felt the need to change it up. Add more color. A goldenrod yellow, light brown, and what do ya know - white.
The light brown bohemian mirror. The yellow bedding with white delicate detailed lines. Knitted pillows.  The mustard yellow, brown, and white go perfectly with my forest tapestry and plants (air plant and string of pearls succulent) on the other side of my room. A random pop of light blue on my window wall where I have a West Indies map hanging. A lot of earthy tones and a lot of neutrals - my favorite. Maybe at some point I will choose to do a full room tour as my room is probably my most favorite place in my home. For now, enjoy these detail photos of my favorite place of all: my bed. 

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