Hocking Hills pt. I

I wish I had taken more photos from this adventure but I was enjoying just busy enjoying it too much. However, I did capture a few shots that I thought were worth a post on this blog! Today, my husband and I visited the Hocking Hills here in Ohio. We didn't hike as much as we originally planned to knowing that we would be coming back when everything is in full bloom. The hike started at the beginning of a deep gorge filled with all sorts of beauty. There was a stream that went along the trail and there were high waterfalls from the tops of the high rocky walls. I think my favorite parts were the towering trees and the green moss covering all the boulders and fallen-down tree trunks..and well, basically almost everything else. Although I was using my Nikon camera, the photos still do not give the views justice. Everything was much larger than even come close to appearing in the photos (as usual). I'm looking forward to going back again and today's trip only made me more excited for the upcoming adventures next year (more to come on that..)! 

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