70 Ways To Go Green Right Now!

Have you ever stopped and thought about how your daily actions could be affecting the planet? Are you being mindful in what you do or are you just being careless? Small changes can help make big differences. With the help of some research, I've come up with a list of 70 small different be a little more eco-friendly in your everyday life!

1. Turn off unnecessary lights.
2. Buy a reusable water bottle - preferably NOT plastic!
3. Recycle, recycle, RECYCLE!
4. Thrift more, buy new stuff less.
5. Don't litter, not even chewing gum.
6. Turn off air conditioner, open the windows instead.
7. Buy fruits/veggies that are in season
8. Hang clothes outside to dry and use clothes dryer less.
9. Read newspaper online
10. Turn water off while brushing teeth
11. Take shorter showers
12. Use cruise control more (saves on fuel)
13. Buy rechargeable batteries
14. Eat less meat
15. Unplug lamps when not in use
16. Ditch chemical-filled cleaning products
17. Pay bills online rather than by mail
18. Drive less, bike-ride/walk more
19. Carpool if possible
20. Turn down the water heater
21. Buy recycled paper
22. Put food scraps in compost bin
23. Open windows and turn off air conditioner
24. Say no to plastic greocery bags, carry your own bag
25. Buy more from the farmers market, less from bigger grocery stores
26. Grow your own vegetables
27. Reuse old towels as cleaning rags
28. Drink more water
29. Use as LITTLE plastic as possible
30. Use solar power and save on energy bills
31. Shop less
32. Take old clothes to second-hand stores
33. Eat healthy and make your meals from scratch
34. Buy less freezer food
35. Become vegan
36. Use bio friendly laundry detergents
37. Buy music and movies online - saves on packaging, declutters homes, reduces carbon footprint
38. Try to create as little garbage as possible
39. Don't let car sit in idle unless absolutely needed
40. Get a bore water pump installed
41. Get a plant for your office
42. Unplug chargers when not in use
43. Be thrifty and buy used items
44. Stop buying paper towels, paper plates, red solo cups, plastic forks and knives
45. Use organic hair products
46. Stop supporting animal testing brands/companies
47. Start reading ebooks and less paper books
48. Stop making paper posters about saving the trees (oh, the irony)
49. Get more indoor plants - improves your indoor air quality
50. Calculate your carbon footprint
51. Install solar panels on your roof
52. Shop locally, support small businesses
53. Check your cosmetics for toxic ingredients
54. Reuse holiday christmas present bows - or stop buying them all together. No point.
55. Lead a minimalist lifestyle
56. Stop junk mail from coming to your mailbox
57. Stop watering your lawn in the summer for greener grass
58. Set a timer for outdoor christmas lights
59. Unplug microwave when not in use
60. Don't throw something away if you can give it away or sell it.
61. Use low-flow shower heads
62. Remove (and recycle!) as much plastic from your home as you can.
63. Don't use F'breeze and other toxic air fresheners...use essential oils
64. Avoid using aerosol cans
65. Don't use disposable coffee cups, get a reusable cup
66. Buy in bulk
67. Get insulation in your house
68. Turn the lamp off, open the blinds and let some light in
69. Watch less TV
70. Encourage friends and family to go green!

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