Things That Make Me Happy

With all the negativity in the world, it's important to keep your focus on the positives in life. There are so many. Soooo many. I've written up a little list of a few.  I'm really excited to post this list because every time I read it, I get a wave of happiness flowing through me and I hope it does that for you :-)

Sleeping in
Finding money in your pocket you forgot about
The smell of rain 
Fresh laundry out of the dryer
Poppy fields
Finding matching socks right away
Birds chirping in the springtime
Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens
 Cloud watching
Browsing through book stores
Spending a night with friends you haven't seen in a long time
Crawling into bed after a long day
The smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning
Making someone smile when they've had a bad day
The first bite of a meal
Walking barefoot through the grass
Books you can't put down
Saying hello to strangers
Puppies and kittens

Songs that relate to you
Using a typewriter 
The sound of crackling fire
Violet sunrises/sunsets
Crossing things off your to-do list
Inside jokes with friends that make no sense
Finally finding something you've been looking for
Meeting someone with the same music taste
Feeling refreshed after a nap
Feeling important to someone
Succeeding in something you thought you couldn't
Waking up in the middle of the night realizing you still have hours to sleep
Packing for a vacation
Receiving handwritten letters
Falling asleep to the sound of rain
Ice cold water when you're thirsty
Catching your favorite movie on TV
People telling you they miss you
When mom makes breakfast
Being on time
Harry Potter marathons

Feeling nostalgic
A box of colorful macarons
Knowing you made a difference in someone's life
Looking through old birthday cards from when you were little
The feeling after a good workout
Waking up to sun shining through the window
Bonfires with friends
Walking through the woods
Taking pretty pictures that turn out really well
The feeling after you've cleaned your room
Taking a nap
Watching fireworks on 4th of July
Making a successful meal from scratch 
The first snow of the year
Proving others wrong
Disney movies from your childhood
Snow days at work/school

Watching Elf for the first time of the season
When hard work pays off
Looking out the window while riding a train
City lights on the street after it rained
When an old friend texts you to see how you are
Warm towels
The window seat
Knowing the person you love, loves you back
The smell of fresh air after being in an office all day
Having a best friend that you really click with
Ice cream cones
Hearing kids make each other laugh
New shoes that fit perfectly
Having what you need in the exact moment
The smell of saltwater while reading on the beach
Grassy hillsides
The feeling when you know a terrible time is over
Writing down something you are grateful for everyday
When your pet finally learns a new trick after lots of practice
Sunlight shining through trees
Feeling comfortable in your own skin
The package you've been waiting for finally arriving
A fire in your backyard on a summer night
Fresh flower stands
Finding something you love on sale
Taking a day off work
Gentle ocean waves

Cooking a meal that is so good it surprises you
When the sun shines after a thunderstorm
Hot chocolate in your favorite mug
Getting absorbed in a really good book
Hearing someone's smile in their voice
The view once you've climbed a steep mountain
Rolling down hills as a kid
Macaroons and tea
Learning a new skill you didn't know you had
Crossing things off your bucket list
Teaching someone something
The first bite of a meal when you're extremely hungry after a long day
Unplanned, spontaneous adventures
Making a new friend

Mastering the art of latte art ( I have yet to fulfill this)
Knowing all the lyrics to a song
Realizing that this too shall pass
Snow globes
The sound of leaves crunching
Farmers markets
Walking on really soft sand
Finally going on lunch break
Collecting shells at the beach
Finding a lucky parking spot
Mason jars
Spending the day with your mom doing things you both enjoy
Making cream cheese mints
Road trips with friends
Ocean boardwalks and piers
Looking forward to things
Clean sheets
Board games
Going for long bikes rides
Fresh picked flowers
Putting together a really good outfit
Leveling up on games
Making spiced apple cider in the fall
Realizing how good life is

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