Leap Year (Movie Review)

Since it's leap year and the month of March, I thought I would do a movie review on one of my favorite movies: Leap Year. It only makes sense. I saw this movie about a few months ago on Netflix and as of today, March 5th, I believe it's still on Netflix.

It's about a women named Anna who lives in Boston that's  in a long term relationship, still waiting for her boyfriend, Jeremy, to propose. Well, since he hasn't yet, she comes with an elaborate scheme to travel to Dublin, Ireland to surprise him and propose. Apparently it's an Irish tradition where the woman can propose on Leap Day. She has trouble getting there, though. Her plane has to land before making it to Ireland due to storms. Once she finally reaches Ireland by boat, she approaches a pub/inn where she asks the owner, Declan, to drive her to Dublin. He at first tells her no at first, but then after being told his pub will be shut down if he cannot come up with money to pay rent/taxes (I didn't catch that part), he offers to drive her there for a price. She agrees and they leave the next morning. Long story short, Anna ends up falling in love with Declan on the way to Dublin. She starts to realize how much of a loser Jeremy is, and how charming and just down to earth Declan is. However, she doesn't want to admit this to herself and goes back the United States her Jeremy. When she meets Jeremy in Dublin, he ends up proposing to her and she accepts. I know that sounds like an awful ending, but the ending is actually really good and you will just have to watch the movie to find out what happens!

The movie really is good though. It's a romance comedy. It's filled with gorgeous Ireland scenery. I'm a little obsessed with European culture and I think that's why I was also very pleased with this movie.  Unfortunately, it's not based on a book though. I was a little bummed when I found that out. It's based on a screenplay written by British screenwriter Simon Beaufoy and American screenwriters Herry Elfont and Decorag Kaplan. 

I rate this 10/10.

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