Urban Outfitters Haul

I've really been slacking on the posts lately and that's because 1. I've been busy and 2. I've just been so blog-unmotivated lately. But alas, I'm back with a shopping haul. Let me take a second to say that this post is not to brag whatsoever. I RARELY EVER go shopping and on top of that, I rarely shop Urban Outfitters because they're a little on the expensive side. Sometimes it's ok to treat yourself though. I recently cleaned out my closet and needed to freshen it up. Basically I'm sharing what I got because I felt like it was a successful trip and maybe I can shed some inspiration on to you with colors and styles for spring.

Typically I'm not much of a romper person, but I was really drawn to the color and pattern. 

You need one good pair of sunglasses that you can wear with any outfit. 

DRESSES! I love me some dresses for the spring time. Again, I was drawn by the color, floral design and style of the dress. Flowy.

Mili-Use oil. Rose petals, peony, and bergamot. Although this isn't an essential oil, I couldn't help but pick it up because of it's scent and... cute packaging. Yes, I'm one of those people. Sometimes.

I gravitated towards these as soon as I saw them. Because lounging pants are the best if you're an avid home-body lounger like myself. Super comfy, super loose, and there are elastic bands at the bottom. 

I mean... why not?

I love plain v-neck t-shirts. With pockets in the front, I like them even better. Rustic-red and light grey-blue. Score. 

Anyways, I hope enjoyed this little tidbit. 

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