Winter Wonderland

Ah, it's Sunday. Woke up this morning to a white surprise. It was a pretty quiet day as I did some writing to get some future blog posts ready, organized closets and watched my hubby play Skyrim. Didn't have too much planned until around 2:00 PM, Stacey and I decided to take the camera and dog to the metro park and get some shots! It was so beautiful. And not to mention, it was extremely peaceful. Usually the park is filled with families and people riding their bikes, but this time we were the only ones there! I loved that. Freshly fallen snow and silence. We walked down the sidewalk until we reached the end where it turned into a drop-off and we had an amazing view. Maisy ran around endlessly, picking up sticks, and ran around some more.  It was kinda blissful. 

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