Tips For Going Minimalist This Year! (Living With Less)

Minimalism is a lifestyle that consists of only owning the possessions that are essential. To be more with less. To lead a simple life. People may often turn to minimalism when they are faced with stress, trying to get out of debt, or spend too much time cleaning. There are multiple other reasons why people do it and there are many aspects of minimalism but I want to talk about the material side of it in this post. De-cluttering and freeing up your space. We as a society are sort of taught to feel better with the more that we have. We get a good feeling when we are out shopping, buying more stuff. But life can be lived much fuller and richer with fewer possessions. Owning less and selling stuff you no longer need frees up your money for more experiences - and they always say that people who spend money on experiences instead of things are much happier.

As far as cleaning out your home, there are many places to start. Closets, bedrooms, kitchen cupboards - anywhere things can clutter up fast. So for instance: clothes. This is usually one of the bigger problems people typically have (including me). We tend to keep things we haven't worn in a long time (and probably will continue to not wear) just in case we decide to maybe wear it again (you won't). Sometimes you just have to be honest with yourself. Are you really going to wear this anytime soon? If not, it's time to get rid of it. It's wasting space. My closet used to be huge. I had so many clothes it was insane... Until one day I decided to just go through it and get rid of a bunch of stuff. Since then, it was become so much smaller - and it feels really good.

 If you have a hard time doing that, there is a trick you can try. Hang your clothes up facing the right. Once you wear something, hang it back up facing the left. After six months, take out everything that's still facing the right and go through it all (and proceed to get rid of it). This also applies for shoes, jewelry, makeup, perfume, and any other beauty product you can think of. Another great place for clutter to start overflowing is the kitchen cupboards (or cupboards anywhere else for that matter). Do you have a stack of opened mail that sits on your table? Go through it and recycle/shred what you don't need. Seriously, who enjoys looking at a pile of mail? Now, don't just move everything to your storage room. Go through that as well. Clean it out. Go through boxes and sell what's been sitting down there for a while. De-clutter your phone. Remove contacts you no longer need. Delete apps you don't use. Go through your book and movie collections. Donate whatever you no longer use to the local library. There is no need to hold onto stuff that you no longer need. However, I'm totally not telling you to own only 100 items or less... Some people do that. I'm just saying get rid of whatever you no longer use - you'll be amazed at how much better you feel in a de-cluttered home.A few more ways to be minimalistic is to be very selective when shopping. Don't go to the grocery on an empty stomach and try to always have a list of what you need. Buy things that are re-usable and stay away from paper plates/plastic cups/paper towels as much as possible. This will not only minimize what's stored in your home but will also help to save money.Physical clutter around the house results in extra stress in our lives. Minimalism removes that mess and limits the distractions that it causes. Minimalism also reduces our impact on the environment by requiring fewer resources on the front end for production and reducing the amount of waste on the back end. I could go on for hours taking about this whole topic, but for now I want to keep it short and sweet. I hope you've enjoyed this quick bit of tips and advice for home de-cluttering and life simplifying. Like I said, minimalism is a broad spectrum and there are so many aspects of I could have talked about - but I didn't want this post to get too lengthy! Let me know if you'd like to hear more on minimalism and I'd be happy to do another post like this one! 

P.S. This post was supposed to go up much sooner than now (like, around New Year's) - I've had it sitting on my computer all ready to go...things have just been popping up to get posted first! I'm excited to finally be sharing this with you! Also, I actually just purchased a book recently called, " The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo and it really goes along the lines of living as a a point. I actually haven't started reading yet but once I've finished I'm planning to do a book review so stay tuned for that!

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