Driftless Edibles Haul + More! (Winter Haul)

Hello! First post of 2016. I've decided to do a haul for the first time ever. A Driftless Edibles haul! (Plus a few random stuff at the end) For those of you who don't know what Driftless Edibles is, it's a health foods store near my hometown. One of my very best friend's mother opened it up in 2014 and it's been successful ever since. They have all sorts of amazing stuff ranging from organic, and locally grown produce to natural personal care items to locally handmade items...and more! Over winter break, I went home to visit and every time I go home, I make it a point to stop in and pick up some stuff. My friend Ashley also got me some stuff for Christmas from there, so I ended up coming back to Ohio with a lot of Driftless Edibles awesomeness. I thought I would share some of that stuff with you!

So I've been doing a lot of research lately about the harmful chemicals put into a lot of personal hygiene/makeup products and it really got me thinking about looking into more natural products with less chemicals. So, deodorant for example. Did you know that in a lot of deodorants you can buy at a bigger store contain aluminum? Aluminum based compounds work to block the body from sweating and research suggests that the compounds are absorbed through the skin and can change estrogen receptors. Aluminum exposure has also been linked to other health issues that affect the brain, liver, kidneys, and though there is no clear link to breast cancer, it remains a possible factor. Other concerning chemicals include parabens, triclosan, propylene glycol, and etc. If you've never done research on this, I highly recommend it as you don't want to be putting more harmful chemicals in your body if you can help it - at least I don't.  At the store, I found this stuff called Primal Pit Paste Natural Deodorant in lavender. I love it!

Next, I picked up these three natural bars of soap from Soaring Dragon. The first one is a foot, the second is the Earth, and the third has flowers on it and says Lavender. I honestly thought they were so cute and I love having bars of soap in the house as opposed to the liquid soap. They smell really nice and they leave your hands so soft. Check out their Etsy shop here!

I received this Aura Cacia lavender foam bath from my friend as a gift for Christmas! I've taken multiple bubble baths in my time, but never a foam bath so I'm pretty excited about this! I love that it's cruelty free, paraben free, synthetic color/fragrance free, and more.

I received this tea from my friend as well! It's called the Calm Tea and has ingredients such as oat straw, chamomile flowers, rose petals, mint, lemon balm, and lemon verbena. I've already tried some and it was amazing. I can see why it's called "Calm Tea." Very soothing.

Lastly, this is a mesh tea ball from Driftless Edibles. My friend ALSO got this for me (she's pretty awesome)!  For those of you who don't know, basically you just put the tea leaves in the ball and set it in your hot water. It clips open near the chain and it's very easy to clean. I've always wanted one of these but just never got around to getting one.


I've also decided to share with you a quick couple things that I got over winter break, but aren't from Driftless Edibles.

I bought this Eucalyptus essential oil the other day and I'm in love with it. I had been trying to get this oil for quite awhile now but was never able to find it. I love the Aura Cacia essential oils because I know that they are true essential oils.
Fun fact: Driftless Edibles also sells essential oils by Aura Cacia!

When I saw this butterfly, I could have resisted buying but I didn't want to. I think it's just so beautiful. I checked with the vendor and it did die of natural causes. Thought it was pretty enough that I would share it with you!

The last that I have for this is haul are these two soap bars my other friend gifted me for Christmas! I think the packaging is just so cute and let me tell you, they smell amazing. I don't have to open them up and I can still smell them. I couldn't tell you where they are from, but it says Tokyo Milk on the side if that helps anyone. Either way, these were just too darling not to include in this haul. 

Now back to Driftless Edibles.

It makes me really happy that there is a store opened up like this in the small community. I encourage you all to get out there and shop locally. Support your local stores. Support your community, the place in which you live and hard working people who are living out or pursuing their dreams for the greater good. It's about investing in QUALITY vs. QUANTITY. Knowing the person behind the product. The maker behind the creation.
People often times complain about how expensive it is to shop local/small/organic, and I understand that, but honestly when you buy one good quality items you save yourself time and money down the road from having to buy five poor quality items after they quickly wear out, break, etc. By shopping organic/cruelty free/vegan, you're doing something not just for the community, but for the well-being of yourself as well animals, the planet, and so forth.
Wouldn't you rather know where your money's going? Who it's going to and what it's being used for? I think there's far greater value in that than we realize. So make it a point to invest in and support small businesses, not just today, but on a regular basis. Because it's what's best for this here world of ours. We're all in this together after all. <3

Check out and support Driftless Edibles here!


  1. Is there a website to order the dragon soaps?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I'm glad you asked! :) We have currently set up our soaps on Etsy under the shop name of "Soaring Dragon".

    The picture above also indicates our email address and business phone for contact information. We will be completing a Facebook page for contact and updates soon, as well.

    I want to take this opportunity to thank Driftless Edibles for becoming a carrier and supporter of our soap. This has made an impact and we appreciate all that you do!

    I would also like to thank Ivory Fawn for taking the time to review our product and help get it out there! This is so exciting for us. Thank you so much! ♡

    We plan on offering all sorts of products to contribute to what we hope for ourselves and for others. A happy and healthier world, spreading the medicine for all to benefit and enjoy.

    Stay tuned for organic and wild harvested tinctures (foraged by us) and incense for prayer, meditation, and spiritual practice as well!

    Last but not least, thank you to our customers for all your love and support! We couldn't do it without you. You are what drives us and make us work!

    Much Love,


    Soaring Dragon

    1. Thank you, can't wait to get my first package.

    2. Absolutely :) I love your soaps and definitely plan on restocking once I've run out! ♡

  4. Your products are simply fantastic. I hope that you will expand to daily products such as toothpaste, deodorants, etc. I have a serious allergy to gluten and am having an awful time finding products that don't contain "hidden" glutens.


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