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Hello everyone! So, I have decided to start sharing people I know that I find inspiring with whatever they are doing here and there. People who do really cool things. We all need a little reminder once in awhile that you can do anything if you put your mind to it.
So without further ado, I'm excited to introduce you to Jonah! 
(All photos in this post are his!!)

1. Tell us a little about yourself:
Hi! My name is Jonah Gerhards, and I'm a seventeen year old photographer from southwestern Wisconsin. Aside from working with photography, I also create videos about mental health and LGBT+ related topics for Youtube. You'll always find me with my camera in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other.

2. Describe your path to doing photography:
I actually started my path to doing photography unintentionally. Just about two years ago, I saved up money to buy my first ever DSLR camera, but I didn't purchase it with the intentions of taking photos. I bought the camera for its video capabilities so that I could improve my Youtube channel at the time. The following summer, my parents asked me to take my older sister's senior photos since I had a nice quality camera. After doing that, I fell in love with doing shoots and capturing moments around me. After that first shoot with my sister, I was slowly offered more opportunities, and I made it a point to practice as often as I could. The more I practiced, the more I noticed my skills developing.

3. What is the most rewarding part of photography for you?
I think the most rewarding part of photography for me is being able to capture a specific moment or emotion that myself and others can continue to relive again and again. Photos are a great way to remember things you may not have been able to fully remember on your own. If someone is able to look at my photography and get something out of it, I feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment, pride, and happiness. It is beyond rewarding.

4. What do you find to be the biggest challenge of being a photographer? 
I find that the biggest challenge of being a photographer is finding time to develop your skills. I live a very hectic and busy life, seeing as I am finishing up my senior year of high school and working a part-time job. With all of the things going on in my life, it can be really difficult to find the time for photography, but I always try my best to prioritize it when I can. Even if I can't go out and do a shoot, I like to read articles about photography or even set up my tripod and take some self-portraits. Time is always one of the biggest challenges of being a photographer, and I do what I can to combat the challenges I face.

5. What is your favorite subject to photograph?
My absolute favorite subject to photograph is the sunset. Sunsets are one of the things I look forward to most in my day. I like going up to this lookout in my area and watching how the sky changes in a short span of time. I always bring my camera to capture all of the colors and the beauty that goes into each unique sunset. It's a truly humbling experience watching the sunset, realizing that I've made it through another day. I have a huge collection of sunset photos that just keeps on growing because they're my absolute favorite thing to capture.

6. What do you want your viewers to take away from your work?
I want viewers to notice that everything has beauty and value to it. It's easy to overlook the beauty in things, but if you change your perspective even the slightest, you'll learn to appreciate so much more in life. So through my work, I hope that I can show people the best in everything that I capture so that they can shift their perspective to see things in a better light.

7. Any advice you would give to someone wanting to be a photographer?
If you want to be a photographer, get out there and start taking photos. You don't have to own a fancy camera or know very much about photography to get started. When I started, I knew very little about how to take photos, but the more photos I took, the more I learned and the better I got. So if you want to be a photographer, you can be! You just have to have the motivation to get started and keep rolling with it.

8. Who is inspiring you at the moment?
Ever since starting photography, I've always been incredibly inspired by music photographer Adam Elmakias. He was raised in Wisconsin, and he slowly built his way up to achieving his dreams. Now, he tours the world with bands, doing what he loves. Growing up in the Midwest, it's really easy to feel like you won't be able to live your dreams someday, and it can be really discouraging. But Adam Elmakias constantly reminds me that if even is it feels like I won't get anywhere, I can accomplish anything if I work hard enough for it. Adam takes beautiful photos, full of life and energy. His work makes me want to grab my camera and keep working. I think it's really important to find people who inspire you to get out there and do what you love. Adam has done this for me since the first time I discovered his work.

9. Do you have a business page for people to check out?
Yes, I do! You can check out my photos on my Facebook page, Young Blossom Photography!


The reason I wanted to share Jonah's work is because he has truly amazing photos. Photography goals all the way. Like he said, when he first started he didn't know much about taking photos - and look where he is now! I'm excited to see where his passion for photography will take him in life! It just goes to show that practicing does wonders and if you put your mind to something and work hard enough, you can achieve anything. Follow your dreams and don't let anyone get in your way.

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