Highlights of 2015


Well, 2015 is officially almost over! It's been pretty good year for me - I can't complain. Quite a few awesome things have happened, so I've decided to share with you some of my highlights!

The first great thing to happen was adopting our puppy Maisy! This was honestly one of the most last minute, impulsive decisions I have ever made but I am so thankful for it. Growing up, Stacey (my husband) and I both had dogs, so it was weird not having one in the house. Despite the new responsibilities we would be taking on, we decided to just go with it. I started doing some research to see if there were any Golden Retrievers for sale in the area, and eventually found a nice family who had a litter of puppies. Picking her out was no problem. I knew I wanted the smallest puppy and she happened the be the runt. She was born on Christmas Day and we got her around Valentines Day. It's crazy how much she has learned in the past year, and how well behaved she has become!

One thing that was super exciting was that I bought my very first DSLR Nikon (as well as the rest of my camera collection) as my interest in photography started to flourish and really take off. I'll be honest, I was such a beginner when I first bought it. I knew nothing about how to run it except for turning it on and pushing the picture-taker button. I've definitely come along way as I've done research on how to excel in photography. I'm excited to see what 2016 has in store for me as far as photography goes. Maybe some more lenses and some new equipment?

Photo credit: Andrea Huser

On August 2nd, Stacey and I celebrated our one year!! I was super stoked about it and couldn't believe how fast time had flown. We spent the day going out to eat and then just going to a movie. It was pretty relaxed and causal but it was perfect. Getting married at 19 isn't a very common thing anymore. Everyone always says you need to wait, which isn't a bad idea. It's good to get your education or even just live for yourself for a good while before you even think of settling down. But as I always say, everyone's situation is different. Getting married wasn't a "slowing down and settling down" point for us. It's the beginning of lifelong adventures that we get to share together which is pretty awesome. We still plan to travel the world and follow our dreams. Dreams which have been turned into PLANS. I'm excited. I'm not saying everyone should do what I did though. I'm saying everyone should follow their own heart. Do what you feel is right for you. What's right for you may not be what's right for the next person. Don't live your life doing what you think you're supposed to do, live your life doing what you love to do. What gives you happiness and fulfillment. Anyways, enough rambling. I could go on about that whole spiel for a long time. We celebrated our first year of being married and it was awesome as heck.

Right before Halloween, my Grandma Cindy and her good friend Phil came to visit my husband and I for the first time since we had moved. I was so excited to have her see my house. She taught me a lot about cleaning and decorating throughout the years of growing up, so I was thrilled to put what I had learned to use and show her. She was only visiting for two days, but we did quite a bit while she was here. The first day, we drove to historical (CUTE) town about 20 minutes and walked through the shops. Antiquing is her kind of thing so we walked through a lot of antique stores as well. It was actually really fun. I enjoy history and I enjoy seeing old things. The following day, we ventured over the Air Force museum. It's HUGE. Three full sized aircraft hangers. There were tons of planes and helicopters from WWI, WWII, Vietnam War, and etc. I couldn't believe how huge the place was. I had a really good time while she was in town and I can't wait until she comes back!

At the end of October, I went to my first ballet performance ever. Let me tell you, it was BEAUTIFUL. Ever since I was really young, I always wanted to go but we didn't live in a big city/near a ballet company so I never really had the chance. The performance was Cinderella and it held at the Victoria Theatre which is one of the oldest operating theaters in the country (200 years old). The costumes were gorgeous and the music was phenomenal. There were three acts with 20 minute intermissions. It was a remarkable experience and I definitely plan to go again next year.

The last highlight of 2015 was starting this blog! Something I've always wanted to do, but just didn't think I could keep up with it and make it interesting. My main goal with it was to inspire people as well as share personal experiences, thoughts, photos, and etc. I wasn't quite sure what I wanted my blog name to be though. I wanted it to be unique and interesting. I finally just made a blog. I figured why not? If people don't look at it, then oh well. It will be a fun hobby. I decided to just use "Northeastern Lady" as a very temporary name until I came up with something better. It was my current Tumblr name. I always wanted it to be Northern Lady instead, but of course it was taken, so I had to settle. I created my blog at the beginning of November and I would say it's been quite successful so far. I've had a good number of page views and a large list of countries that have viewed it. I think that's wonderful. I eventually came up with the name "Ivory Fawn" and loved it. It just came to me one day and I thought, "YES! THAT'S IT! MY NEW BLOG NAME!" It doesn't really mean anything to me...yet. Or at least I haven't come up with what it means to me yet. I just think it's really pretty and it's uncommon. I googled the name to make sure no one else already had it and I was good to go! Although I've only had the blog for 2 months now, I think it's going really well. I'm excited to see where it will take me in 2016.

This is my last post for the year 2015. I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who checks my blog from time to time, or even if it's only just been once. It's helped a lot! Thank you to those of you who have followed me - it means a lot. A million thanks to you all! I hope everyone has a great new year. Here's to many more!


I have a haul coming soon so keep an eye out for that!

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