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I love reading. It's a getaway for me and just let's me take my mind off things. I love finding new books to read as well as recommending them. So with that said, I figured I'd do a book review and suggest it to you! 

I want to talk about Adulting: How to Become a Grown-up in 468 Easy(ish) Ways by Kelly Williams Brown. I found this book at Barnes and Noble about a year ago and read it within a couple weeks. It's a cute and insightful book into what to expect and be prepared for when entering new adulthood. Author Kelly Williams Brown has penned an incredibly helpful 'how-to' geared towards anyone in their twenty-somethings who may be grown up but don't always feel like it. So, ultimately, I guess I'd recommend this book to someone around my age (18-23), but really, anyone could find this useful and interesting. Though it shouldn't be necessarily treated as a survival guide, Adulting is a great reference to have for everything from networking to simple recipes to maintaining meaningful adult relationships to so much more. I should also mention that there is quite a bit of humor included throughout the book. Honestly, it's hilarious. If nothing else, read it because it will make you laugh. And there is quite the collection of amusing illustrations. If I were to rate the book out of 10, I would give it 9/10.

Quotes from the book:

“If you wouldn’t show or tell your mom, boss, and ex-boyfriend, then don’t put it on Facebook.” 

"Be the kind of friend that you want to have. This is what it all boils down to. Listen when they bitch. Tell them they'll be okay. Go over and check in on their cat when they're on vacation. Call them on their birthday, or better yet bake a cake in the shape of their initial. Keep their secrets. Treat them like what they are - the rare person in this world who gives a fuck about you not because they have to, but because they want to. Give a fuck about them."

“Your parents, presumably, love you very much and think you are perhaps the most adorable, talented thing ever to prance upon this earth. Your friends agree with them, as do your favorite teachers, as does your significant other. When there is a You Parade, these people will be the flag bearers, the drum majors and majorettes, so make sure you are always flag bearing and drum majoring for them, too. These people who think so highly of us are very special and precious, and we must treasure them. Because here is the truth: Most of the world doesn’t give a flying fuck about you.” 

"This is the most difficult and important thing to accept if you wish to be a grown-up: You are not a Special Snowflake."

"You don't need to make you tastes a self-conscious statement about who you are. Just unapologetically like the things you like."

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