So I need to start off with this post by saying that yes, sometimes my purse can also contain copious amounts of recites, chewing gum wrappers, and other things that don't belong in there but I thought I would leave those details out. I'm actually pretty good about keeping my purse clean for the most part usually. Anyways, I figured I would share this with you guys because I see "What's in my bag" posts all over the internet (Youtube espeically), and I love being a little snoopy at times, don't we all? I have fun watching them so I decided to give it a go a make my own post on it!

So let's start with the bag itself. I bought this at Target a few months ago. I've never been one to buy really expensive purses, in fact I don't really buy purses that often to begin with. I usually try to find one that I think will go with a lot of different stuff, and then I just use it for a long time. Maybe one day I'll look into a purse on the designer shelf, but until then, Target it is! I like this one a lot because I like the front detail and color of it. I also like the long strap. I have one purse that has short straps and it's cute but I can't do the short purse over shoulder thing, this is just so much handier. I also like this bag because it fits so much! Yes, with extra weight causes the back to hurt after awhile, but the room is there if really needed. 

So on to the contents of my purse. A wallet, because well, most people carry a wallet, right? I bought this at Target as well (I know, I'm so exciting). The two lipsticks I have in my purse currently are L'oreal Paris Bronze Coin and Mac Cosmetics Honey Love. Two of my absolute favorite lippys. I'm big fan of nude colors for my lips. Above that is my peach colored macaron coin purse from Francesca's Boutique. I also carry around my Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 with extra film. I absolutely love that camera. I bought it for my birthday last year. They are extremely handy to have to capture quick moments. (Side-note: When taking a photo with the Instax, there is no need to shake the picture once you take it. You need to get it out of light immediately for it to develop well. I usually just put the photo in one of the pockets in my purse where it's pitch dark when I'm out and about.)

I love keeping a journal and pen in my purse so that I am able to jot down any quick notes or thoughts at any time. And on top of that, free writing eases my mind so much and it just feels good to always  have a journal with me. The Aveda hand lotion is just something I like to keep incase my hands ever get dry. Underneath that, I have a few random coins that were just floating around in my bag (shouldn't they have been in my coin purse?) A few bobby pins and hair ties are always good incase of hair disasters/emergencies, am I right? The Burt's Bees lip balm is a classic and  I absolutely love the brand. The balm is super effective, smells great, natural, and incredibly soft. It's great if you want to avoid chapped lips. Last but not least, the ballet tickets to the right. My husband and I attended a Cinderella ballet performance a few weeks ago. Let me just say, it was BEAUTIFUL. I want to go again! 

Hope you've enjoyed todays post, and have a great week! What's in your bag?! 

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