Good morning! 
It's Sunday and I would safely say that this weekend has FLOWN by. I don't really have much planned for today as my Sundays are usually my lazy day in preparation for the long week of work ahead of me ha ha. Anyways, here I have some of my pumpkin spiced coffee, fresh pineapple, and LAVENDER roses. They appear pink in these photos because of the bright lighting from the window and my camera, but trust me they are light purple. And no, this is not a normal breakfast for me. This is just a late morning snack atop of that I guess you could say. The coffee part is normal, but on a normal weekday I usually don't eat breakfast because I don't allow myself enough time in the morning before I leave my house. I should change that though. They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? Well it is, only if you actually eat a healthy breakfast. Sugary cereals and sugary pop tarts don't count. Either way, I thought this set looked really nice together and wanted to take a few photos!

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