2015 Adventure Recap

With 2015 soon coming to an end, I thought I would reflect back on some photos from adventures I went on this year. I would say my husband and I did quite a bit of exploring in our new area, as well as back home when we visited over the summer. In no particular order, shown below are a few of those photos.

Note: A few of the photos were taken on my phone when I didn't have my camera with me, so that's why they are a little grainy/blurry/pixelated/however you want to call it.

Yellow Springs is a town that I've visited quite a bit and it has been an amazing little town to explore. So many quirky and colorful buildings with CHARACTER. 

I love going home because I love the scenery and atmosphere. The river, bluffs, woods, history. All of it. Not to mention, I love going home and visiting my favorite coffee shop. I've a found a few here where I now live, but it's never the same. 

Waynesville was another small town I came upon that is rich in history. The buildings are so old, and with age comes, again, CHARACTER. (Usually.)

So as I said, these were just a FEW of the photos I took over the course of this year. It's been a great year. I'm excited for the adventures 2016 will bring. 


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