I've Never Had A Credit Card: Here's Why

While a credit card may seem like a useful tool when it comes to finances, there are plenty of reasons as to why I've avoided them (and will continue to do so). I know many people think they add convenience to their lives, but with a few exceptions, I think they add the opposite. Here's my thought: if you can't pay for it in cash, you don't need it right now. Focus on creating and building a savings account in the meantime. Of course they are nice in the sense that with a credit card you can build your credit score - something you usually need when renting or buying a home amongst other things. But to carry on the theme of what I was previously saying, here are a few factors to consider if you're ever been bombarded with credit card marketing and advertising:

Encourages impulsive purchasing behavior
Credit cards can be a blindfully-awful thing when in the hands of someone with bad self-control. They enable holders to *conveniently* and impulsively shop online, purchasing things they don't need or have the money for. The cardholder may say that they will come up with the money by the end of the month, but that doesn't always happen. Things such as emergencies pop up, and if they're using their "emergency funds" to pay off the credit card, they'll eventually be out of savings, and it turns into a vicious cycle. Over time, this can lead to another big problem:  a credit balance.

Credit interest
Carrying a credit balance will cause you to be charged interest, and overtime, that will likely cause you to come out with a net loss. Currently the average interest rate in the United States stands at around 17%, and store credit cards such as Victoria's Secret only go up in interest. When your interest rates start to take off, it can makes things more difficult for paying off. You start paying in money that you never really spent in the first place - how annoying! 

Extra responsibility
Obviously, owning a credit card comes with a large responsibility. You are opened up to two new risks: fraudulent charges and late payments. You would want to regularly check your statement to ensure not missing a due date, and you would want to make it habit of carefully scanning your purchases and keeping an eye out for fraud charges. Holders who don't stay on top of their bills will struggle on both fronts.

I know not everyone thinks the way I do, and some people will completely disagree with me on this post - that's fine. But, these are things to consider before opening up a credit card for yourself. Be honest with yourself: would it truly be a good idea to add this plastic as a means of payment to your life? Do you know for sure that you can trust yourself to only purchases necessities and pay them off monthly? Some people will open a credit card purely for the sake of raising their credit scores, using their credit card only on gas or groceries - something they KNOW they can pay off. It's a good idea, sure, but the factors listed above still exist. I think it's better to purchase only the items you have the money for and avoid the debt all together. Save your money, spending less on the smaller everyday things such as coffee trips, mid-day snacks, and aimless driving. Take part in more free activities and find entertainment in such things. We all live different lives and see through different perspectives. Ultimately it's up to you and only you can know if it's truly a good idea.

EvanHealy French Rose Clay: Review

It's been awhile since I've done a product review so I'm back today to review and share my current favorite skin mask: The French Rose Clay mask by EvanHealy. I purchased this gem back in November of 2016 at my local Fresh Thyme - discovered it way before then, but due to pricing held off for quite awhile. Yes, the price of this jar was around $30 with tax included. A hefty price, so we better make sure this sucker is worth the cost right? Luckily, it was for me. First off, I want to talk about the box it came in. A cardboard box with a pink hue on the front, and colorful image on the back (not pictured) of I'm assuming the creator? Just a guess. It labels the ingredients, and there aren't many - a good sign already. I've come to realize that the less ingredients a product has, a good sign from the start. Ingredients listed included Pink Clay (Kaolinite) and Rhassoul (Moroccan Lava Clay). So far so good. For benefits, it states: 

"French Rose Clay with rhassoul is a gentle, exfoliating and polishing treatment appropriate for all skin conditions. Actively draws pimples and blackheads to the surface leaving skin clear, clean, and refreshed," 

and it then goes on to say, 

"Clay is alive. It is rich in silica, calcium, iron and magnesium. It shimmers with electromagnetic energy. Used for thousands of years to treat skin, it is appropriate for all skin conditions. Clay loosens clogged pores drawing impurities to the surface without dissolving the protective epidermal layer. It exfoliates dry, dead, skin cells increasing tone and clarity. It absorbs excess oil, refines and softens lines and wrinkles, and fades the appearance of hyper-pigmentation and scarring."

So, basically, it's marvelous. I checked the bottom of the box where it indicated that the product contains no preservatives, GMO's, parabens, or gluten. Gluten-free friends, you can use this! It also mentions the fact that it's vegan - yippee!! Handmade in California and as for the box, it is made from recycled materials. This company knows what they are doing. Ok, so onto the jar. A glass jar with some more descriptions on the side and top, it keeps a clean and minimal look. Once again, so far so good. 

Instructions include to mix equal parts of clay and water to make a creamy paste, and then to apply on the face and neck, leaving it to dry and then rinsing well. When I use this mask, I try to use as little of clay as possible to avoid wasting. You can always add, but you can't take away once you've added water, right? I prefer to use a small wooden bowl, and then I've learned it's easiest to apply face makes with a makeup brush! So I've set aside my Eco Tools brush just for all face masks and it's a great little system I've got going on. Typically, I like to leave the mask on for about ten minutes, and then taking a damp rag, I wash off all of the clay from my face and neck. 

I like this mask so much because it actually leaves my face feeling tight and refreshed. My pores seem smaller, and any off pigmentation I may have at the time seems to fade a bit. I usually only use this mask once or twice a week. Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes. Yes, I would. I know the price may seem heavy, but you can buy the smaller jar to start off with. If you're interested in checking the product out some more, click here to see it on the company website, or click the link down below to head directly to their website home page! 

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